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Customer Support

Due to the unimaginable transformation and development of our business marketing requirements, whole organization should keep a minimum guarantee for proving their competency in business. As a whole it will reflect to a whole structures of your business including IT infrastructures. Here we come and provide you aid by identifying the major requirements and continuously provide you al dedicated services and support. Consultation of our services may vary in different verticals including

Networking and associated Designs, Datacenter Implementation, Converged Infrastructure solutions and so on.

Our Customer servicing is generated with unwavering support from our team. With an exclusive communication we provide you answers for all queries related to our products. Our technical team is efficient enough and coherent specifically for each of our products such as LAPTOPS, DESKTOPS, SERVERS, STORAGES. Warranty and AMC call support is also paneled and ordered systematically by our dedicated team. Team is continuously trained technically and updated in a consistent way. So that what ever the issue we solve it with 100 percent perfect solution.

Our communication and coordination with customer is always appreciated as we consider our customer as our King. We provide them a complete solution after ensuring cause of issue is solved completely. Not only that we provide our customer a voice of interaction at first and then offer a solution, which once in turn satisfied by the customer we wait until then and only after their satisfactory words we will conclude our work.

Our consultants work across all IT dimensions from understanding current business processes to identifying gaps to creating strategic imperatives for digital transformation. Our goal is to help you focus on business process design and strategize and implement policies for continuous improvement and automation.

IT Consulting

How can we call ourself an IT Consulting Company without having high-level expertise for your business IT infrastructure planning, Implementation and Complete solutions based on client request and needs?

Our structured approach to IT consulting includes:

  • Understand Information Security requirements, gaps, compliance to secure the company infrastructure and employees.
  • Prepare and train the organization for proper incident management.
  • IT Risk Management.
  • Defining your vision and strategic imperatives by working with your executive management and functional heads.
  • Analyzing the current state of your IT and identifying gaps by conducting workshops.
  • Ideating with business function participants to develop your IT strategy.
  • Providing business architecture and process design feedback to executive management and functional heads.

IT Audit

  • Basic IT audit (verifies policies and procedures)
  • IS audit (detailed audit as per the Information Security standards like (ISO 27001), RBI guidelines and other compliance)
  • Network/System Audit (Verify the networks and systems in the infrastructure/datacenter)

Vulnerability Analysis and Pen Testing

  • Network /systems Vulnerability analysis
  • Website/Web application Vulnerability Analysis
  • Network/ Systems Pen testing
  • Website/Web application Pen testing.


  • Corporate Awareness Programs (Information Security)
  • Awareness/Training Sessions (For Educational / Public Institutions)

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