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4 Reasons why your business needs Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Service!

4 Reasons why your business needs Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Service!

Feb 19, 2021

When it comes to outsourcing, or getting additional help, there are mainly two things that matter- Efficiency and Trustworthy. The familiar names like Amazon, Google and Microsoft are known for their cutting edge efficiency in competition and brand value since the 21st century. Although Amazon Web Services(AWS) is one step ahead, the options of choosing Microsoft Azure Web Services is still considerable in many ways.

Here we would not be talking about the differences between Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud, but in general why Azure networking in comparison with Microsoft Azure Pricing is a better deal for all businesses alike. Read on the 4 reasons!

4. Security

At a time of increasing cyber threats, adapting to modern security measures is a must. If a business considers to build up a decent level of security, it has to find space to store the inhouse servers. Along with that, you need to set up a manual team to protect, maintain and manage these in-house servers.

If it is Azure Services with your server hosted on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Platform, then the protection is guaranteed by Microsoft’s Azure Security Center. Their policies, skills and technologies feature upfront security with total transparency. You can track your data from anywhere to know who has recently accessed, stored and secured.

3. Disaster Recovery

Every business knows how important their data is. So, as usual, their team makes a number of copies to back up their data fearing unfriendly situations.

This is not needed with Azure in terms of Disaster Recovery. This Cloud Technology promises 99 years of Data Retention with the ease of backing up in any language, Operating System(OS) and from any location. Azure Cloud Services automatically makes copies of your data and backups on another server. This has minimal or no operational cost.

Source- Microsoft

2.  Managing IT Services

As the need for the digital world, businesses have to adapt to different services to overcome the challenges they face. Managing these challenges related to Information Technology by themselves can lead to extra running costs, warrants, replacement apprehensions of hardware and software, unexpected system failure risks and security risks.

Saving you the time and space, Microsoft Azure Services offers an all in one infrastructure where you can get access to resources from anywhere and allocate resources depending on your needs. Azure Cloud keeps on improving from time to time helping you to manage and eliminate risks quickly.

1.  Scalability and Flexibility

Microsoft Azure promotes business agility regardless of whatever situations that come up. Resources given from Azure can be taken as per the need for providing the “Pay for what you use” model. You can get exactly the needed resources with complete privacy and efficiency.

A strong build customer support team runs to deal with client enquiries around the clock and a team working constantly on innovation.

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