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Wi-Fi 6 Devices are on the way. Is Your University's Campus Prepared for the Future?

Wi-Fi 6 Devices are on the way. Is Your University's Campus Prepared for the Future?

Jan 10, 2022

This was further increased when many universities in India, particularly autonomous universities/colleges and their campuses, began to give more digital experiences in order to improve their ratings.

When a student first begins his University/College adventure a few years ago, he would carry his laptop, phone, and other digital and other needs with him. More devices, such as tablets, numerous phones, eReaders, smartwatches, health trackers, connected TVs, and other products, are changing this.

What began with two or three devices per student has soon grown to an average of five or six devices per student today. Along with the surge in devices, a new idea known as Smart Campus is set to launch.

Smart campus Wi-Fi solutions are crucial to delivering on performance promises and meeting growing expectations as universities employ Internet of Things technologies to improve access and promote student engagement. Providing ultra-fast Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly important to satisfy this campus experience, which is especially difficult for older campuses.

The Wi-Fi Alliance ratified the sixth-generation wireless technology in September 2019. The latest edition of Wi-Fi, also known as High-Efficiency Wireless (HEW) or 802.11ax, promises faster speeds, simultaneous connections, greater security, and lower device battery usage.

Wifi 6 Advantages over Wifi 5 2nd WAVE

However, simply removing and replacing older network devices with Wi-Fi 6 solutions or putting access points depending on space availability will not result in a high return on investment. They frequently fail to link IT rollouts with quantitative results simply by following and adopting devices based on wireless tech trends.

Why should you choose GKS Infotech?

Clear planning by understanding the terrain and campus, as well as WiFi technology and backend network gears, are also essential for any successful Access point Solution implementation, and this will help in reducing the AP deployment count and increasing the per-device concentration and ROI internally.

GKS, with its professional service and experience professionals from top IT industries and other verticals, can plan, develop, and implement any Wi-Fi project in Kerala and South India, with a dedicated Project Management person who will function as a client contact from the beginning to the end. 

Comtech Systems, with 20 years of IT industry sales and service, can obtain IT Infrastructure devices from the finest in industry OEMs and have leading devices in numerous categories without increasing customer budgets substantially.