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ZTNA-SOPHOS-zero-trust network access

ZTNA-SOPHOS-zero-trust network access

Feb 22, 2021

Benefits of ZTNA relative to VPN remote control:

While remote access VPN continues to serve us well, ZTNA provides a range of added advantages that make it a far more credible solution

More granular control: ZTNA has greater granular control over who can access those apps and details, minimizing lateral motion and eliminating implicit belief. VPN is all-or-nothing: usually, VPN provides access to anything while on the network.

Better protection: In access policy, ZTNA provides the system and health status to further boost security. VPN does not recognize system status, which may place a vulnerable or non-compliant device at risk for application data.

Easier to register workers: ZTNA is both quicker to incorporate and easier when it comes to registering new employees. More complex and complicated configuration and deployment are involved in VPN.

Open to users: ZTNA provides users with frictionless connection management with "just works" transparency. VPNs can be challenging and vulnerable to initiating requests for help. Overall, ZTNA provides a welcome option for linking one branch office to another.Sophos ZTNA is a brand new cloud-delivered, cloud-managed product designed to protect the big enterprise apps with granular controls quickly and transparently. Components of Sophos ZNTA:

For all the Sophos goods, like Sophos ZTNA, Sophos Central is the ultimate cloud-management and reporting approach. Sophos ZTNA is completely cloud-enabled, with Sophos Central offering quick configuration, granular policy management, and informative cloud reporting.

For a number of devices, Sophos ZTNA Gateway will be available as a software appliance to secure networked applications on-site or in the public cloud. Initially, support for AWS and VMware ESXi will be available, closely followed by support for Azure, Hyper-V, Nutanix, and others.

The Sophos ZTNA Client offers straightforward and frictionless communication based on identification and system health for managed applications for end-users. It is super easy to deploy from Sophos Central, with an option to deploy with only one click alongside Intercept X or operate standalone with any desktop AV client instead.